Private Nameservers at 1&1


Here is how you set your private name servers for domains registered with 1&1.

  1. Log into your 1and1 account.
  2. Go to your domain manager. Depending on the type of package you have, the way you get to your domain manager may be slightly different.
  3. Select “New” >> “Create Subdomain”.
  4. In the empty box, type “NS1".
  5. From the dropdown box, select the domain for which you are creating nameservers.
  6. Select “OK”.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for “NS2".
  8. Check the box next to NS1.YourDomain.TLD.
  9. Select “DNS” >> “Edit DNS Settings”.
  10. In the “Advanced DNS Settings”, select “Other IP Address”.
  11. Enter the IP address of NS1.
  12. Click “OK” then “Go To Overview”.
  13. Repeat steps 8 through 12 for NS2.
  14. Check the box next to the domain you wish to point to your private name servers.
  15. Select “DNS” >> “Edit DNS Settings”.
  16. In the “Basic DNS Settings” section, select “My name server” from the dropdown menu.
  17. In the “Advanced DNS Settings” section, find “Primary name server” and enter NS1.YourDomain.TLD.
  18. In the “Advanced DNS Settings” section, find “Secondary name server” and enter NS2.YourDomain.TLD.
  19. Click “OK” then “Go To Overview”.
  20. It can take up to 48 hours for your new private nameservers to propagate.

You can check your work by selecting “DNS” >> “Show DNS Settings”.

If you have made any mistakes, you must wait until the status for the domain or subdomains report “Ready” before 1and1 will allow you to make any changes. This can take several hours.

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